New colour for the Wide Belt, Light brown. This beautiful leather from the Sedgewick tannery in the UK is sure to please! Only for a limited time. Click this bar to view

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You're a great mum... and your kids deserve the best that you can give them!

Introducing a luxurious, incredibly durable baby mat and clutch made out of real leather.

The Mi Amor (sister brand of Anvil Hide) baby change mat and clutch are all-natural, hand-crafted products made from the finest high-grade Italian leather. Leather of this calibre is unbelievably soft so will feel wonderful against your babys skin.

Your friends wont believe you're carrying around a baby mat as the clutch looks and feels like a beautiful handbag and has plenty of room to carry all the necessities of change time and extra space for a phone or wallet

With a change mat this lux, prepare to transform one of the more challenging parts of motherhood into one of the best parts of the day!

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  • Baby Change Mat and Clutch
    Baby Change Mat and Clutch
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