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For those who demand quality that lasts, introducing...

Australia’s Premium Handmade Leather Belt Guaranteed To Last For At Least 7 Years…

“By far the nicest belt I’ve ever owned…” 

- Gavin H

Anvil Hide Customer, Richmond VIC


If you’ve been looking for the kind of belt you can wear day and night without skipping a beat...

That after wearing it for FIVE years looks BETTER than the day you bought it…

And that speaks to quality and character, and commitment to old-school craftsmanship...

Then look no further.

The Anvil Hide Leather belt is Australia’s premium handmade belt guaranteed to last for at least 7 years.


It’s the kind of belt that you buy once, and then enjoy for a lifetime.

And it won’t let you down, with only the highest quality materials used by a master craftsmen.

Let me tell you a bit more about it…

Most So-Called “Leather” Belts Are Rubbish...

family Anvil Hide


I’m Aaron.

And this is my wife Sarah and my kids, Chip and Autumn.

I’m the founder and head craftsman at Anvil Hide Leatherworks.

And here’s something most high-end department stores don’t want you to know...

Most belts out there are rubbish!

After only about a year the leather starts to crack and split...

The holes stretch out and distort...

Or the buckles end up breaking. 

That’s because they use inferior bonded leather - leather offcuts and filings glued together and stamped “Genuine Leather”.

This so called “leather”, which isn’t real leather at all, breaks down quickly, and is soon looking tired and shabby. 

Even most of the biggest, luxury brand name belts are often mass produced in foreign factories and go from the first to the final step without a leather craftsman even looking at them. 

These overpriced belts do not stand the test of time and in 12 months, you are looking for a replacement.


Bonded leather that is stamped “genuine leather” is of very low quality, these ones stamped "MADE IN ITALY GENUINE LEATHER" are nothing more than fake leather on a cotton backing which can be seen underneath once worn for a few months.


The Anvil Hide Difference: 

Belts That Look BETTER As They Age...


It’s not like that with an Anvil Hide handmade belt. 

That’s because we only use the best full grain vegetable tanned leathers from the world’s finest tanneries (like The world famous Herman Oak tannery, Thomas Ware and Sons in the UK, or Wickett and Craigs). 

Just like high end leather boots that break in develop a beautiful patina over time and become the perfect fit, our leather belts are of such a high standard that they actually get better the more you wear them. 



This old Swiss army belt is proof a belt can last and is showing some amazing patina after 59 years of use - still going strong!

Our belts are cut by hand from the hide, edges are rounded and burnished and holes are punched all by hand and fitted with solid brass or stainless steel hardware and buckles for a belt that will still be looking great years down the track. 

And because they are all-natural and made with care, they not only last longer, they feel better too, providing all-day comfort for years and years.



The finest leather and hardware with the upmost care and attention to detail goes into every single handmade Anvil Hide Belt



“When I saw an Instagram video of an Anvil Hide belt being made, I couldn’t believe it. The work that goes into a handmade belt was really surprising, I had to buy one. As soon my new belt arrived and I had it in my hands, I could definitely feel and smell the difference in quality to any other leather product I have ever owned - I knew this belt would last me years and years to come and 18 months later, its wearing in brilliantly”
                                                            -Jason S. 


Anvil Hide belts now have over seventeen hundred 5 star reviews!


It’s virtually impossible to buy a belt like this outside of a handful of small, dedicated workshops. 

And as I said before, many of the high-end brand names you’ve heard of are actually producing leather bonded belts.

...Even though they are charging as much as $1,200 for a branded belt.

If a famous brand name is important to you that’s OK. You’ll probably be happy to pay that much, even if it breaks down in a year or so.

But if you’re more concerned with a truly high quality belt that will last and last...

You’ll be happy to hear that Anvil Hide belts don’t sell for anywhere near that.

In fact, while our belts are guaranteed to last at least 7 years, for as little as $109 you can have a handmade belt of your own.

Guaranteed To Last 7 Years Or More...

We believe in the quality of our leather and craftsmanship so much that we guarantee your belt will last for at least 7 years of daily use. 

That’s right, If any time in the next 7 years, you’re not STILL completely blown away by the quality of your Anvil Hide belt, simply email us at and we’ll repair or replace your belt.

I don’t believe you can find a better guarantee on a belt in Australia.

Sound fair?

If so, please scroll down and choose your new belt below.

If you order today, I’ll get started on your belt immediately.

Each belt typically takes 5 - 7 days to make. 

And is popped in the post for fast delivery the next working day.

Which means, in less than a week you can be wearing the best quality belt you’ve ever owned.

Fair warning: we produce a limited amount of belts each year being a very small workshop. So if you want one, please move fast to avoid disappointment. 

Once again, just scroll down now to select your style of belt.



Anvil Hide Leatherworks Founder


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