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Australian handmade leather keyring - the best we know of...

The Key-Tidy: The Most Durable Leather Key Organiser In Australia...

Guaranteed to keep your keys safe, quiet, and organised for 7 years…

Why Would You Want An Unbreakable Key Organiser?

Hi, my name is Aaron and chances are you’ve just watched a video of me torching a key organiser.


What has reduced me to such madness?


Well, to be honest, I’m fed up.


Fed up with lousy craftsmanship and Australian consumers getting the short end of the stick.

And ready to do something about - namely, send you the best quality key organiser you could imagine at a radically good price.



Over the last few years, leather key organisers like this have become widely popular.

And why not? They are convenient, keep you organised and prevent jangling keys from waking up the baby when you slip home after a night with the boys…

But the leather key organiser industry has a dark secret…

Basically, most of them are complete rubbish.

Made out of two or more thin layers of leather stuck to a cloth backing, they look fine starting out but after a couple of years of being thrown, dropped, sat on or chewed on by the baby they end up tired and worn out - right when you're outside of the manufacturer's warranty.

It's not like that with the Anvil Hide Key-Tidy.

Rather than a few really thin pieces of leather stuck together, we use one piece of 3.5 - 4mm THICK and durable Italian vegetable tanned leather.


A single piece of thick leather is incredibly tough

Vegetable tanned leather (or veg tan) is leather that is made using the traditional methods just like the leather your grandfather had growing up, its made using the natural elements in tree bark and other forestry byproduct so its kinder on the environment. (Less than 10% of the worlds leather is made using this chemical free method.)

The best part? Vegetable tanned leather is natural, durable and it patinas beautifully over time. 

As well as incredibly durable leather with edges rounded and burnished completely by hand we have chosen a solid brass loop for attaching to your car keys and a solid brass interconnecting screw

The best part being that this screw can be easily opened with a 5 cent piece or a flathead screwdriver which makes adding or removing keys a breeze - so much easier than the conventional keyring.

Solid brass is the perfect option to match vegetable tanned leather because its super strong and one of the only metals that will also patina over time along side the leather. So while your keys are kept protected, organised and jangle free they will also look a million bucks


Turning keys in difficult locks is super easy as the solid brass inter-screw gives you all the leverage you need


“The Key-tidy truly gets better with age”

Dont just take my word that my claim is true, take a look at the evidence.

To see the difference of how 1 piece of thick veg tan leather ages over 3 years compared to 2 or layers more of chrome leather, click the video below - you’ll be blown away.

So, as you can see, The big name brand key organiser is looking very tired after 3 short years and needs replacing while the Anvil Hide Key-Tidy is still going strong.

And the price of the big name key organiser? 

Prices start from $50

Meaning, if you were to go with the big players and replace your key organiser every 2-3 years you would need two or three replacements in the space of time that an Anvil Hide Key-Tidy would still be under warranty. 

You would have spent a minimum of $150 just getting through that 7 year period!

So what does an Anvil Hide Key-Tidy cost for such premium leather and hardware, handmade craftsmanship and a generous 7 year guarantee?

You would assume it would be up past the $100 mark.


You’ll be happy to hear that the Key-Tidy doesn't sell for anywhere near that.


In fact, while our Key-Tidy is guaranteed to last at least 7 years, for only $39 you can have a handmade Key-Tidy of your own.


Guaranteed To Last 7 Years Or More...



We believe in the quality of our leather and craftsmanship so much that we guarantee your Key-Tidy will last for at least 7 years of daily use. 


That’s right, If any time in the next 7 years, your Anvil Hide Key-Tidy breaks in any way, simply email us at anvilhide@gmail.com and we’ll repair or replace it - free of charge.


I don’t believe you can find a better guarantee on a key organiser in Australia.


So go on, click below and choose a colour for a Key-Tidy that will be by your side for at least the next 7 years.



Aaron Welsh

Founder and head craftsman

Anvil Hide Leatherworks


The Anvil Hide Key-Tidy