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Large double sided strop
Large double sided strop

Large double sided strop

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This large double sided strop features 3 mm vegetable tanned leather on both sides of a hardwood backing. 

One side has the flesh side out and the other side has the top grain out enabling you to have two different finishing edges for a razor sharp knife finish. 

The strop is 90mm wide x 300mm long on a 20mm hardwood backing. 

Typically a buffing or rubbing compound would be worked into the flesh (grainy) side of the leather where the majority of the stropping would occur, followed by a quick once or twice on the top grain side (no compound) 

Stropping compound can be bought from Amazon for about $6 dollars, the brand I like is “Sharpal” and it will last for ages. Another alternative is Autosol which can be bought from many store including super cheap auto etc. 

**depending on what leather I have available at the time, your strop may have another coloured leather (brown for example), keep in mind it will be covered in compound and strop marks shortly anyway…**