The Unbreakable Belt
The Unbreakable Belt
The Unbreakable Belt
The Unbreakable Belt
The Unbreakable Belt

The Unbreakable Belt

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This is Anvil Hides ultimate belt, no doubt about it.

Made out of world-renowned Herman Oak Old World Russet this is the finest harness leather we can get our hands on.

Want a belt you can hang an axe off? No problem.

A belt you can wear for the next 30 years and then hand down to your grandkids? This is it.

Rich in character, this tough leather is made for the outdoors as is the go-to for saddle makers around the world. Truly gets better with age this belt will patina richly over the coming years. Many tanneries around the world attempt to replicate this leather, none do successfully.

Herman Oak (St Louis, USA) describe this incredible leather as a "Traditional Harness leather just like your grandfather used. Stuffed in drums with heavy tallow for exceptional weather wear, thickness and durability in the field."

Fair warning, this belt is really thick and wide. It will not fit in every pair of pants you own but will fit most jeans or chinos. (If you want to check, measure your pant loops and if they are around 50mm high you will be fine).


  • 44mm wide, 5.5 - 7mm thick Old World Harness leather
  • Solid Brass or Stainless steel double tongued roller buckle.
  • Removable chicago screws to match buckle.


Due to many requests, I am now making this belt in Black, Dark Brown and Oxblood colours!

While not the same Herman Oak leather is used for these other colours - we are still talking some really quality english bridle and harness leather belts, same as any other Anvil Hide belts. 

Black, Dark Brown and Oxblood belts are around the 5mm in thickness (where the Herman Oak Old World Harness is sometimes 7mm+ thick!) so if you want a belt that fits closer to the body, these new options will suit you perfectly.